About Rocketsview

Rocketsview Management Sdn Bhd prides itself as one of fastest growing software developer organizations in Malaysia. It focuses on improving work efficiency, technological development, ensuring companies are improving on daily process and cutting back unnecessary expenses. We were established in 2011, with more than 8 years of software development experiences in self-care system, rewards system, E-commerce system, commission solution, dealers’ integration system and server maintenance.

With years of solid experience working with corporate clients such as Genting Group, Tronexus, Tron, Halo Number, and Halo Telco; we established a deeper understanding of our clients and of their corporate requirements, so that we are able to help them resolve issues and empower them to focus on their business growth by offering a powerful solution to do all these… and more.

Throughout the years, we have helped countless clients from all walks of life. In the course, we have gained a better insight on why some companies are able to grow faster than others. Some companies have a great business strategy, a sound solution and an incredible product to offer to the world. But, in most of the cases, their growth is impeded by a wall of internal obstructions that come in the form of complicated organization hierarchy, poor reporting system, and the lack of basic welfare for their employees. All these problems snowball to bigger ones that ultimately throw a wrench into the process.

When it comes to organizational growth, it is important to adopt an inward perspective to tackle matter from the inside. This is where a reliable system solution comes in.

Today, we offer our clients two flagship module solutions: EMPLOISYS and NMooMoo. These two solutions are meticulously designed to help minimize employee workloads, improve work processes, promote better management of employee welfare & rewards, enhance employee productivity and efficiency as well as elevating employee, customer and user satisfactions.

We look at ourselves as a continually growing and constantly evolving organization. This means that there is no end to our learning curve. We vow to study, explore and create more advance solutions to be able to tackle and eliminate all issues faced by organizations. It is our hope that all business owners will be able to experience growth and success in their venture through the digital world.

In today’s competitive business environment, most organizations look for innovative ways to maximize and explore their business potential. However, many of these organizations - from small and medium sized entrepreneurs to listed institutions - have overlooked some of the basic principles that are crucial for business growth.

For instance, capital is essential for an organization to maintain its operation. Human capital, on the other hand, is equally important as it encompasses all the knowledge and skillset of your employees. So behind every successful organization lies an intricate set of processes on how to efficiently manage these capitals. How are organizations making the best use of their basic resources to grow ahead of their competitors?

In this age of automation, it is extremely crucial for organizations to innovate and stay ahead of their competitors. A good well-made software system can make a difference in turning a struggling organization into a successful one. The continuing need for people to perform complex, labor-intensive tasks led software developers to begin developing today’s automated operations software that will also help to pull all a company’s resources together in order to reach organizational goals.

Core Services

Web Design &
From web applications to ecommerce website or SaaS platforms, we provided a full range of services and deliver the best on every project.
Mobile App
Stunning mobile app build up user satisfaction. We designed with security, scalability & usability in mind so that people love your business through your app.
Custom Software Development
Every business is unique. Our development team devise the best demand custom solutions to overcome all your challenges & differentiate towards your competitors.
UI/UX Visual
Excellent user friendliness design offers an ingenious experience. Designing an impeccable user experience for different devices, screen types and sizes is our forte.

Why Choose Us

We understanding your business needs, we devise agile solution in ways your've never imagined.
From system development to module creation, our IT expert offers a complete range of software development service regardless it is operational matters or market strategy planning, we always delivered customer satisfaction to our clients and achieve their Business Goals & Objectives.
Data Analytics
Data Infrastructure
Cloud Solutions
Design Innovation

Our Creation

Importants of Strategic & Automation

We help our clients to reduce unnecessary cost & cut down on the need to rely on the expensive human labor.
We assist clients implementing a proper solution to their business which dramatically educe their turnaround time, boost productivity and improve process efficiency.
We provide the solution which ensure our clients received the same quality results every time, which will push it to become a more organized company in the future.
We develop a strategies platform to connect our clients with their right audiences to improved the relations & conversions that takes their business performance to the next level.